Starry nights,Coffee and ghosts of the past

Astronomy class drove her out the the city lights to a remote area.She knew she was at the right place when she saw a sky full of stars looking down on her. She took a while to just stand there and admire the glistening beauty above her and among the twinkling stars she saw one star shining brighter than the rest of the stars in the sky ,she had found Sirius and connecting the stars she located the constellation Canis Major.
It fascinated her how the shiny objects light years away from her had tales of their own which over time became a myth over.5000 years ago the minds of ancient nomads were stirred with fear as they wondered about the mysteriously dotted canopy which drifted over their heads nights after nights, for them the sky was a vast battlefield where the gods and demons fought in deadly combat, the early Chinese believed that the first yearly appearance of a particular bright star was a cause of spring season and the Egyptians believed that the yearly flooding of river Nile was caused by the power of a certain star..
Then she remembered what her mother told her the day she lost her grandfather,”Don’t you cry little baby, Do you see that bright star in the sky, that’s your grandpa, looking down on you and smiling. Everytime you miss him just look at the sky. Tears streamed down her face as she smiled and remembered as a kid how she would send helium balloons with a note hoping to get a letter back someday…
She was made to believe that the dead become stars in the sky to give her the comfort and reduce the pain of their passing.
But what about those who she has lost but are still alive? They become ghosts of the past.
She went back in and poured out some coffee in a mug from her flask and while sipping she looked at the empty seat beside her and found the ghost of her love looking at her and telling her that he loved her..

As we grow old and revisit the places we had been to we see our ghosts, a younger version of us at that very spot showing us what we whispered, what we said and how we felt..
They live forever, just like our sky full of stars..



What is the purpose of life?

If you ask a starving man he will say that the purpose of life is good food..
If you ask the lonely person who sits alone at the corner seat of a restaurant sipping coffee he will say that the purpose of life is having good friends or just a soulmate
And if you ask a homeless person the answer you will hear is ‘just a home’.
There is no one single answer to this question but most importantly there is no consistent answer to this question.
After the starving man gets a lavish meal, if you ask him the same question you will get a different answer this time..So will be the case with the other 2..

If you ask me the purpose of life, I will just have one answer. “EXPLORE”
Sounds very simple and dull doesn’t it? 😛
But that is the ultimate way to witness the beauty this world has to offer to us, to see magic and warmth even in the saddest times, to keep going through all the obstacles in life and shining the brightest through the pain.
We are not meant to do just one thing in life, or dedicate our entire life solely to just one single thing.

Unless we move out of our comfort zone, learn and grow with every step we will never be able to discover our inner potential.
This world has given us and is giving us everyday an abundance of options and each option has abundance of opportunities.
There is no right time to learn something new because we are in our own ways artists of life and the world is our canvas the more efforts we put in to the canvas the beautiful will be our picture.

So how do we start living life and get everything done?
The first method which is the most obvious and easiest method is to list out everything you want to do in life whether its taking up a course, cooking, hiking, painting or anything which excites you.. Just write it all downing gradually start doing these things and I guarantee with everything you do it will enrich your view of the world, add to your character and add to who you are. This is how you will grow everyday and live everyday.

Next, go out in nature and spend some time alone.Take some time to breathe, meditate, take some time to listen to the sound of ocean and the trees and the birds and whatever it is get back in touch with nature and your soul.

Another thing you can do is to go out and talk to people. talk to your family, friends, talk to strangers and to people you’ve lost touch with.Listen to their stories, ask them for their views and opinions this way you’ll gain perspective and find inspiration another people.

Gratitude is the game changer if you can bring gratitude into your life it will make you feel more happier and more fulfilled and it will help you truly appreciate everything you have in your life right now. If you don’t have gratitude for everything you have right now and you will constantly feel that you dot have enough.
With gratitude you change the world because you open your eyes to see all the wonderful things you already have!

I hope this helped you or brought out a little spark to do something new and creative or gave you the push to do things that you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t get it done.


It is Christmas night, probably the coldest night of the year and probably the only night where every person seen walking on the street has a smile, its that time of the year when the city looks its best, with lights shining in every nook and the corner of the city outshining all darkness, when every man is a bit more generous and giving, when the spark on a child’s eyes is the brightest, when the feet on the street gets busy buying last minute presents, wine and cakes. anxious? yes, they all are. But they are all happy. Its the day to celebrate and solidify with their family and friends.

But amongst all the happy faces, there is one face that is trying not to look up to see what’s happening, trying to fight back the tears, trying hard to get away to a place where she could be all alone. What made her different from everyone on the street that night is that she didn’t have a place to go to and nothing that could make her happy but what made her like everyone else is that she too was carrying something with her, GUILT. And it kept getting heavier with every step she took..

With unsteady legs she made her way out of the crowd, she walks until she no longer hears the footsteps, voices of people and the lights that makes her visible. She knows she is where she has to be when she turns back to see no lights behind her.  Ahead of her is a poor looking place or maybe it is a place which has been established long ago but has been forgotten by the world. Yet it has a board and a dim light coming from inside. Now she moves closer to the place, not exactly sure what it is she thinks it will be wiser to look at the board before entering. The board is covered in dust and spider webs, with her hands she wipes it to read the words, ‘MUSEUM’

So many questions come to her mind, but that accounts to her personality which is overthinking. She brushes them all aside and walks in, the dimly lit lights didn’t help her.  Then she sees him. He is smiling at her…

HIM- You look beautiful. You haven’t aged at all. How long has it been?  And what are you doing here all alone this night?

HER-(trying to fight back her tears) About 15 years. I am here doing the same thing that you are doing.

HIM- I see, I am sorry that we couldn’t be together. Sorry that things had to go downhill, what happened will forever remain a mystery but seeing you like this, I understand that the fault was from my side. I just hope you are in a good place in your life, I hope all your dreams which didn’t include me have been realized, I hope you are doing what you worked hard for, I hope you travelled at least half the places you wished to travel, I hope you are in a good place in your life.

HER-  (Smiling with moist eyes) Yes I am. It has been a long difficult road for both of us.But we are where we are supposed to be. And you are the pinnacle of success.  You have achieved everything which you thought was seemingly impossible. Even after all these years you are still humble and down to earth. Fighting for your dreams, creating what you envisioned and having your name remembered by the people. Well, I see you on every magazine I pick up so you gotta give yourself some credit there.

HIM- But you are not here with me. How could that be? We did have our fights, we did break up quite often, but I never thought it could be over for real. When I see you standing here infront of me, I can only think of all the old times and that is all I know of.  The times when we had each other against the world. The time we were young and free. The time I had you in my arms wishing with everything that I had got to making time freeze.

HER-That’s what time does, when you are enjoying something its the fastest to move and when you’re in pain it stubbornly refuses to move making the days drag by. But only after time passes you realize how important it is to enjoy every moment. Be happy when you have to be because it will end soon. A lesson that I learned the hard way. It was all my fault. I shouldnt have let you go. But tonight I’m at my home, the place where I have to be

HIM- I love you, my darling..

HER-(crying out loud) I love you too.. Please come back tome.. please

HIM-I wish I could, but I cannot. Just look around you.

That’s when she sees the dimly lit room bright enough to show the glass enclosing him and a board saying ‘EXTINCT 2012-2015’